Friday, February 4, 2011

This is why American Journalism is shit

I came across this.

and i just find it insulting. According to this if  are a mom and you work your kid will be fat. Why can't the Dad cook or shop? it gives no explanation. In fact it gives  no mention anywhere of a father or the idea of a child having 2 parents. This is just a shot at working mothers. There is no excuse for there not to be a mention that maybe break the "traditional roles' and have the parent who works less cook and do the shopping.

In the time it took me to log into my blog to write about this and the time i read it (<10 minutes). The expanded  article has appeared to have been taken down. So i am posting the original news bit that I came across and hopefully it will be put back up so you can read this.

As someone who comes from a home where both parents worked 40 or more hours a week I can tell you there is still time for a family meal to be cooked.

I will be trying to find the " February issue of the journal Child Development." and read them study. It might redeem the study as a scientifically valid study (still pointless since it is information we already know).

However the fact does not change that the Article written on it is slanted  and biased. There is nothing wrong with writing a biased piece my favorite journalist did it all the time. But Thompson admitted it.

You cannot change data that is bad journalism and that is why American journalism died when Hunter S Thompson blew his brains out. The last shred of dignity left American Journalism died with him. And I don't see a way we as a nation can get back the dignity we once had in the field of journalism.

I weep for future generations. What are they going to do when a major story breaks and the news is too busy covering which celebrity fuck-tard just flashed there asshole in public to cover A radical extremist just killed the president because space monkeys told him to(biggest most outlandish story I could think of off the top pf my head).

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