Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My beliefs

OK so I make reference to my 3 tenets of belief fairly often. What most people don't know is what my beliefs actually are .
I have been through a lot of deep thinking and self exploration.

Not that kind of self exploration
(credit for this pic goes to http://bronxbanter.baseballtoaster.com/archives/1151896.html )

through the years i realized what i believe and came up with 3 things that i believe in

The first thing i believe in is Family.
As anyone who knows me can tell you i have a close extensive family. I also include good friends into my definition of family not just relatives

You have to keep your family They help remind you what your roots are and where you can go. Plus they can always be counted on in a time of need.

The 2nd thing that i believe in is Honor.

This is the hard one to define because I don't live by a code of honor I just try to do the right thing and be the best at what i can.

To live with honor You must work hard and deal fairly in business and do what you think is right AT ALL TIMES.And tell the truth whenever you can

Exceptions must be made ("Does this make me look fat")

The Final Thing I believe in is love.

I believe in romantic true love

its that simple find true love(so far I have failed at this tenet the most).

As far as Religious or Existential beliefs I'm a nihilist so i hold onto these 3 tenets pretty hard or what else is there if you don't have Love family and Honor.

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  1. The idea of finding true love is simple... but the act itself is not. It is a most basic and essential part of being human, but the one thing that our country and generation takes too lightly. Divorce rates rise, unwed parents with children and "baby-daddy/momma drama" is not helping. People think the fell in love, when in reality it was infatuation... I myself even fell victim to infatuation, but at least I got out before things became permanent. It's like you said in regards you 3 tenets you believe; if more people could follow even similar "codes of conduct" the world would be at least 60% better in general.